Main Objectives

The Main objective of MyHealth is to improve the healthcare access of vulnerable immigrants and refugees newly arrived to Europe (less than 4 years), by developing and implementing models based on the existing knowhow of a European multidisciplinary network.

The secondary objectives are:

  1. Develop a complete interactive map of the main health issues, main actors and stakeholders, reference sites dealing with MREM, legal/organisational aspects of health systems, and available ICT tools.

  2. More clearly define the current health problems of migrants face in in our health centres.

  3. Define and develop health intervention strategies in mental health, communicable and non-communicable diseases employing  a community health approach.

  4. Develop and ICT based platform to support new tools, enhance Health applications development and disseminate health information

  5. Implement the defined strategies and models in pilots in partner hospital.

  6. Train and involve key actors in the health system, from users to management.

  7. Ensure a sound management, communication and disemination of the project and its results.