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Report about health status on vulnerable migrants

  • The mapping exercise represents the first step in any social network analysis, and may well lay the foundation for subsequent, in-depth explorations of the network. The following “Report of mapping protocol to gather current initiatives and health care services dedicated to most vulnerable immigrants” of MyHealth project, presents the aim, targets, methods and preliminary results of the mapping process. The objective of this activity is to develop a complete interactive map, with main health issues, main actors and stakeholders, reference sites dealing with vulnerable migrants and refugees, legal and organisational aspects of Health systems in the involved countries, and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools available. We will focus our attention: on those actions that are directly related to health, but also on those that modify the social determinants of health, on women and unaccompanied minors. In order to maintain the platform up-to-date and ensure the accuracy of the available information, a special update strategy is incorporated. 

Report on surveys’ results 

  • The current report aims at providing key aspects of the needs of migrants, refugees and healthcare professionals in term of health. The analysis is based on a series of focus groups and interviews conducted with migrants, refugees and health professionals at large. The intent is not to repeat the work already done, but to give a qualitative overview of the current situation in health access across Europe for Migrants and Refugees, and in particular for women and unaccompanied minors. The general objective of MyHealth is to improve the healthcare access of vulnerable Migrants and Refugees (VMR) newly arrived to Europe by developing and implementing models based on the knowhow of a European multidisciplinary network, funded by the EU Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA). This needs assessment report will help to distinguish the results of the focus groups, and individual interviews, in order to get a better understanding of the real needs in terms of health (quality and access), not only for the migrants/refugees, but also for health professionals and other support services. It is a working document compiled with inputs from the three “clinical sites” of MyHealth project: Barcelona, Berlin and Brno. The final version of this report will be delivered in September 2018, with new inputs from: online survey to be launched in February 2018 and additional focus groups and individual interviews to be conducted in other MyHealth sites (i.e: Greece), and feedback from associated partners. 

Material of the Informative Sessions

  • One of the aims of MyHealth project is to ensure that immigrants are involved as well as consulted in the development and delivery of health services. Community Participation in health is a key tool that promotes the health and well-being of members in the community by providing wider ownership of health services, increasing engagement and embracing the skills that migrants bring to the health sector. This document outlines key steps involved in effective Community Participation and proposes a community participation strategy that can be adapted by all the project partners (as well as other agencies/organisations in the European Union) who are keen to ensure the engagement of communities in health services. In the first section, the document provides a theoretical outline of key concepts in Community Participation, followed by a three-step strategy for producing a Community Participation Approach. This section was presented to project partners as a first step towards building a common approach to Community Participation for the MyHealth project. Project partners had the opportunity to critique and review the theoretical concepts behind Community Participation, and reflect on how these can be embedded into their work. The final section presents a more concrete plan for how community participation will be achieved through the different activities of the MyHealth project. This plan was co-developed by the MyHealth partners. It outlines how partners will develop and implement Community Participation across all work packages to ensure the training and involvement of all the key actors in the Health system value chain, from users to management.