General Objective 

  • The main aim of MyHealth is to improve the healthcare access of VMR newly arrived to Europe, by developing and implementing models based on the knowhow of a European multidisciplinary network.
  • We expect to establish a European networking including all actors involved in improving general health situation of WUM-VRM. At the end of project, we will have: 
    • a representative report on immigrants’ and refugees' perceptions of their health priorities and needs 
    • digital and interactive map of Health and VRM in Europe, including reference sites, health legal and organisational details
    • main issues for WUM-VRM in Mental Health, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases
    • appropriate screening and treatment strategies for our three key areas in primary health care based on community health strategies
    • versatile ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based platform on WUM-VRM health, including the interactive map, general information, contact, and health apps
    • Recommendations and innovative tools